George T. Jones Scholarship Fund

A Program of the Greater Austin Council of the
Navy League of the United States


The purpose of this directive is to implement formally the George T. Jones Scholarshipunder the George T. Jones Management and Oversight Committee of the Greater Austin Council (GAC) of the Navy League of the United States.


George T. Jones was a Navy veteran, member of the GAC of the Navy League for many years, and loved the Navy and the Navy League. He was a distinguished military graduate from the University of Texas and subsequently graduated highest in his class, Rangefinder School (Fire Control). He was generous with his time and financial support of the Navy League and was instrumental in the success of the 2003 "Old Ironsides Across the Nation" in Austin as he coordinated a large donation from IBM Corporation for whom he worked for many years. He received a Meritorious Service Award from the GAC of the Navy League in 2003. His last official act as a GAC member was to join the GAC group in Boston to be honored by the USS CONSTITUTION Museum and to sail on "Old Ironsides".

The GAC Strategic Plan carried forward each year calls for the establishment of a scholarship fund. In 2003, the family of George T. Jones and his friends established the initial corpus of this fund. This scholarship is established in the name and memory of George T. Jones.

Management and Oversight Committee:

The George T. Jones Scholarship Fund (the Fund) will be administered by the George T. Jones Scholarship Fund Management and Oversight Committee (JSFMOC) directly responsible to the GAC chairman of the board . This committee will be responsible for the monitoring and reporting on growth of the Fund and for providing recommendations for direction in investment and distribution.

The JSFMOC will be composed of two or more active members of the GAC and will include a member of the George T. Jones family. They shall select a chairman whose duties entail the coordination of committee communications on fund growth, recommendations for scholarship awards to the GAC Board, and annual fund status reports to the GAC.

JSFMOC duties and responsibilities will include:

  • Monitoring receipt and disbursement transactions of the Fund.
  • Recommending to GAC strategies for investing the Fund’s assets.
  • Reviewing financial status of the Fund and providing periodic reports to the GAC president, officers, board of directors, membership and George T. Jones family.
  • Determining each year the dollar amount and number of scholarships to be awarded.
  • Coordinating with Naval/Marine Corps JROTC and Sea Cadet leadership to provide instructions and to request nominations for a scholarship.
  • Review and/or coordinate the review of applicants and select a recipient.
  • Arrange for a suitable presentation ceremony (GAC April/May dinner/business meeting) for the scholarship jointly with a George T. Jones family member if possible.
  • Ensure the overall integrity of the program.
Fund Administration:

The Fund will be maintained apart from GAC operating funds in separate accounts and investments. Scholarship(s) will be for a minimum of $500. A minimum of one scholarship per academic year will be awarded. As the fund matures, additional scholarships or increased dollar values can be considered.

Funds will be replenished through donations, fundraisers, and solicitations as may be deemed appropriate by the GAC Board of Directors. The GAC of the Navy League has pledged a minimum of $1,000 per year to its growth. Additionally, the GAC will make a donation to the scholarship fund in honor of each GAC member who has deceased during each fiscal year. This donation will be at the discretion of the GAC Board of Directors but is initially set at $100 per deceased member.

E. Scholarship Guidelines:The purpose of the George T. Jones Scholarship is to recognize support of the Sea Services and basic citizenship through scholarship support for educational purposes. Candidates for this scholarship must be a member of the GAC Navy League sponsored Sea Cadets or NJROTC/MCJROTC unit and nominated by the respective unit commanding officer or senior instructor. Candidates must be graduating high school seniors who have applied to or have been accepted at a community college or university.

Criteria for this scholarship shall include:

  • High school GPA of 3.0 (on 4.0 scale) (verified by school counselor)
  • Active Navy League Sea Cadet or a member of a GAC sponsored NJROTC/ MCJROTC unit
  • Letter from candidate that states: High School graduation datewhy he/she is a deserving candidateeducation funding resources (scholarships, savings, family ability to support)description of public service involvement/projectseducational/career aspirations,name of college/university accepted tocopy of high school grade and class ranking transcript
  • Letter of recommendation/nomination from Navy League Sea Cadet or NJROTC/ MCJROTC Commanding Officer or Senior Instructor.
  • Two letters of recommendation from people who know candidate well and can support citizenship and moral conduct of candidate.

Nomination packages will be submitted to the JSFMOC. The committee will review nomination packages, conduct interviews and forward its review and recommendation to the GAC Chairman of the Board who, in concurrence with the GAC Board of Directors, will have the final candidate approval.

Nomination packages are due annually on or before 1 March . Scholarship interviews will be conducted during March by the JSFMOC and will be awarded at the April/May GAC dinner/business meeting.

Nomination packages should sent to:

Greater Austin Council / Navy League

8650 Spicewood Springs Rd   #145-625

Austin, TX 78759-4399

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