Navy League Call to Action: Sea Services in Peril

Action: Council Presidents, Area Presidents, National Directors of the Lone Star Region

Pass to VPLAs, CSOP Representatives, Public Affairs Officers, Webmasters

Please Engage all Members - Members, Please Contact Your Members of Congress Today

Our National President, Dan Branch, has issued a "Call to Action" for the leadership and members of the Navy League. This "Call to Action" is precipitated by the deliberations of the Congressional Special Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction now at work to identify $1.5B in budgetary savings. These savings can come through direct action on the part of the committee, or by mandated cuts if they fail to agree on the deficit reduction plan. These cuts could amount to $750B, in addition to the $350B savings the services have already committed to over 10 years. That is unacceptable for the nation and as many leaders have said publicly, it can be catastrophic for national security. An approach like this to a major national problem makes no sense.

No council has a more important task right now than to support the Navy League's "Call to Action." This is the heart and soul of the Navy League's prime directive, support sea power through strong sea services.

I am asking each Council President, assisted and supported by Area Presidents and National Directors, to immediately engage their membership in a campaign to contact and inform their Members of Congress and the public of the dire consequences of draconian cuts to defense spending, in particular that for ship and aircraft building and replacement.

First of all, members need to be thoroughly familiar with the issues. A talking points paper is attached to assist with that. Navy Leaguers also need to be able to accurately articulate the scope and mission of the Navy League of the United States. I have attached the Navy League Elevator Speech for that purpose.

Here are some action items that should be undertaken to answer the "Call to Action."

1. At the next Council membership and/or board meeting launch the "Call to Action" within your Council. Explain the potential crisis.

2. If no meeting can be scheduled and for those that cannot attend, launch the "Call to Action by email and telephone calls.

3. Accelerate the CSOP Program to get the "Call to Action" talking points before the public.

4. Appoint/Ask your VP-Legislative Affairs to schedule an urgent call on your local Members of Congress (MOC).

5. Ask every member to write a letter to their local MOC and the State's senators, Kay Hutchison and John Cornyn. A sample letter is attached. I have also attached a more comprehensive letter that President Branch has used which can be modified. This would be a good letter for Council and Area Presidents and National Directors to put under their letterhead and send.

6. If you are comfortable expanding your mailing list to non-member "friends of the council", you could use it as recruiting opportunity, that is "if you support our cause, please join our organization." Be sure and give them a sponsor (yours) member number and your council name.

7. Send an Op-Ed to you local newspaper; don't forget the neighborhood papers. Modify one of the sample letters, or use the talking points to write your own.

8. Get this information up on your website.

These actions have to be initiated and completed within the next 30 days as the Select Budget Super Committee must report out on 23 November.

Council Presidents, we will need some metrics so we can measure our effectiveness and National can determine where else to focus resources.

Please give me this as soon as occurring:

1. Number of members contacted in meetings.
2. Number of members/others contacted by email/telephone.
3. Please ask for feed back; how many letters were sent.
4. How many Op-Eds were sent/published.
5. VPLAs report MOC personal calls to Jack Ritter in accordance with existing practice.
6. CSOP Representatives report presentations to Glenn Looney in accordance with current practice.

List of Attachments/Tools (Click on Item to Download)

1. National President's Call to Action
2. NLUS Call to Action Talking Points
3. Navy League Elevator Speech
4. Sample Letter to MOC
5. President Branch's Letter to MOC
6. Deficit Congressional Super Committee Listing
7. Article re the Accelerated Economic and Job Building Impact of Shipbuilding

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is important, it is critical, and it is what we signed up to do when we volunteered as Navy League leaders.

Any suggestions for improving the impact and effectiveness of the "Call to Action" will be most appreciated.

Fair Winds, Glenn
Glenn Looney

President, Lone Star Region
National Director
Member, NLUS Information Technology Committee
The Navy League of the United States