Greater Austin Council
2017 Board of Directors

Directors Holding Office

Council President
Tim Hunsberger

Council President-Elect
Mike Jackson

Chief Financial Officer
Lu Ann Reyes

Vice President for Legislative Affairs

Jeanie Coffey

Vice-President for Education
Max Miller

Vice President for Communications
Kathy Pillmore

Vice President for Membership
Glenn Looney

VP for Development and Marketing
Mary Virginia Pittman-Waller

Vice President for Youth Programs
Launtz Rodgers

Vice President for Military Affairs
Tom Uhl

Council Chaplain
Jim Lovering

Council Judge Advocate
Michael Murray

Council Secretary

Council Treasurer
Lu Ann Reyes

Additional Directors

Don Jones

Tamesha Jumper

Randy Patterson

Jack Ritter

Mary Ritter

Lisa Sullivan

National, Area and Region Officers from Greater Austin Council

National Directors

Jeanie Coffey

Tim Hunsberger

R. Glenn Looney (Emeritus)

Mary Virginia Pittman-Waller

Max Miller

Jack F. Ritter, Jr.

Mary Ritter

Lone Star Region President

Felix Keeley  (Ingleside Area Council)

Central Texas Area President

Nick Harper (Dallas Council)