Call to Action : Greater Austin Council Navy League Members to Oppose Sequestration

Dear Navy Leaguer:

Thank you for your many efforts on the Call to Action to stop sequestration. Your letters, phone calls, emails, and face to face meetings have helped delay the $500 billion in automatic, across the board spending cuts to the defense budget. Originally scheduled to take effect in January, the constant outcry from Navy Leaguers and other concerned citizens across the country have helped delay the cuts until at least March. But the fight is not over yet: it is looking increasingly likely that sequestration will occur, and we must make our voices heard: sequestration should not happen, but if it does, give our services the transfer authority to let them prioritize their own budgets.

The cuts will be mechanically administered by the Office of Management and Budget, not the Congress, and not the agencies. This denies the people the legislative process by not allowing judicious review of where cuts should be made or where funds should be applied to worthy purposes. It eliminates the services’ ability to set priorities. As it looks like sequestration is increasingly likely, Congress must, at the very least, change the method in which these cuts are applied and give the services transfer authority. The service leaders must be able to prioritize our defense capabilities.

The Navy League is asking you to continue our call to action. This delay does not mean sequestration will not happen. We need each of our members to remind Congress of the need to support our sea services, and to realize that this issue matters to voters!

Attached you’ll find the materials needed to get you started. Talking points will give you necessary background to talk confidently about the issue. The phone script and draft letter will help you with your contacts with your Representative and Senators. Slides on the subject have been added to Grassroots and CSOP presentations, and there is a sample letter to the editor.

Those interested in how sequestration will impact them beyond the effect to national security, those briefing materials are also available on the Sequestration Action Center section of our website:

Please call your Members of Congress at their Washington, DC office, where their military and defense staffs are located. Each has a “Contact Me” page where you can get a mailing address, fax number or email address. If you need assistance, contact your Legislative Affairs Regional Vice President or Sara Fuentes or Chris Bennett at Navy League headquarters ( , ; 703-528-1775).

Your action is needed now! We have little time—these cuts go into effect in March. We need Congress to act as soon as possible.

If you have comments or questions on this Call to Action or any Navy League matter, as always, please let me know at .


Philip L. Dunmire

National President

Navy League of the United States