The Importance of Maintaining a Navy League
and Greater Austin Council Membership

Membership is the lifeblood of any organization. Members often do not renew because "they cannot attend meetings or serve as officers." But there is more to being in the Navy League than attending meetings.

Your membership in the Navy League and the Greater Austin Council gives a national voice and financial support to the cause of American Sea Power. Your membership enables the Navy League and the Greater Austin Council to support the Sea Services, Sea Services members and families, and JROTC and Sea Cadet your programs, whether you ever attend a single meeting. If you cannot actively participate, know that while you are at home enjoying your Sea Power Magazine that you are still doing your part.

Please renew and/or upgrade your membership in a timely manner.

Click on this link and it will take you to the Navy League web site's membership page where you can renew/upgrade your memberships on line using a credit card, or you may send a check to:

Navy League of the United States
Post Office Box 2208
Merrifield, Va 22116-2208

For local assistance, email or call a Council representative:

Email:     Telephone:  (512) 593-1GAC (1422)